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Monday, November 7, 2011

Lomonosov China and....DEAL of the DAY!!!

Happy Monday vintage lovers!!  I've been researching some really interesting china I recently listed in my shop.  My youngest daughter actually spotted this china while she was with me on one of my vintage hunting trips.  She's got a fabulous eye for vintage treasures!

Pretty, isn't it?  It's also a great little piece of history!  The mark on the bottom of the saucer (see below) has the signature Lomonosov stamp and says Made in USSR.  This made it easier to date it as a vintage item, since the USSR  dissolved 20 years ago.  Love it when vintage items display something concrete about their age!!!  :)

The Lomonosov factory was founded in 1744 and was the first porcelain factory in Russia.  It was originally called the Imperial Porcelain Factory, but became the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory in 1925.  In 2005, it reverted back to its old name Imperial Porcelain Factory.

I learned that the stamp on the bottom of the saucer dates the piece from the 1970's -1991.  It also denotes the quality.  The red color signifies that it is rated top quality for that company.  The fact that it states that it is Made in USSR means that it was meant for export to other countries.

The stamps on the back of each cup are all in green and just contain the Lomonosov monogram, and "2c" followed by the numbers "411-00" on the bigger cups in the set, and "47-50" on all of the smaller cups.  From what I've read, it seems like the items with the green stamp are of slightly lower quality than the red stamped ones.  I am still trying to find out exactly what the numbers mean. From the lack of any "made in" marks, I believe these were made for domestic sale only.  These should also date from the same time period as the saucers.

Not sure why the marks are different on the saucers and cups, but they all have the same pattern and beautiful cobalt blue color!

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Have a great day everyone!!!



  1. Is it worth any? I have a set of cups and plates.

  2. They proved to be pretty popular in my shop! I sold my last 4 piece set (2 cups, 2 saucers) for $40.