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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fresh Picks!

Here are some recent vintage finds that I haven't added to my shops yet.  A few may get in eventually...others may just stay with me!

The Dirty Medicine Bottle-Found this beauty while digging through loads of junk at our local Goodwill!  Going to clean it up and list it with a bigger glass medicine bottle as an "instant medicine bottle collection".  Might even wait to list these until I find one more medicine bottle...that would make more of a collection! Also have to do a little more research to figure out what year this is from.  My guess is early 20th century.  

The French Book with the Beautiful Cover- Love the embossing on this old book.  Not sure of the date (the copyright page is missing), but it looks like it could be late 19th century - early 20th century.  Going to so some research on the title to see what I can find out.  I'm leaning towards keeping this book in my personal collection.  The binding is coming apart, the spine part of the hardcover is torn, and there are massive age spots on the pages, for me, this book is ripe for upcycling.  I really want to use the covers for the front and back of a handmade journal.  I've never created a journal before, but have a binding machine that's been sitting patiently waiting for me to use.  I've been itching to create with it!
There are also some great illustrations in this book that I would love to frame or use for a mixed media project.  Here are a few::::::


The Unique Frame- Love this tiny frame!  It's a Levi....probably mid 20th century.  My idea for this piece is to frame either antique paper ephemera or lace.  I'll probably list it...although....I may just keep it to add to the  millions of tchotchkes on my desk!  

The 100 Year Old Magazine-  I think I'll read through this one before I list it.  It's got some short novels by various amateur writers of the early 1900's. This is thin enough to frame, so I might try to find an an antique frame to put this in when I list it.  I love the illustration on the would make a great display piece! 

The Porcelain Trinket Box and the Art Deco Design Linen Napkin- I've got to look into the trinket box before I list it.  I think it's probably from the 1960's, but want to make sure before I put it into my shop.  I am keeping the pretty art deco napkin.  It will be repurposed as a doily for a small table in my sunroom.  

The Cute Porcelain Map Decorative Plate- Keeping this one!  Going to find a plate holder that will fit it and display this in my sunroom.  This will be a fantastic complement to the map prints that are already in the room.  Now...hopefully the kids and the cats won't play with it!  


Let's just call this one....The Dupe-  I found this at a local estate sale the other day.  I had both of my little girls with me ( lovable distractions) and the house we were in was a bit dark....these are my excuses for buying a brass letter holder that I THOUGHT (and was told by one of the guys holding the estate sale) was from the 1940's or 50's.  I DID turn it over and look at the bottom for a mark...but could not see it that well.  I got the price down from the $45 they were asking to $10.  So.....I bought it...thinking I could sell it in my vintage shop.  Well, got home to my brightly lit craft room and checked it out...the sticker says "Global Views Made in India"....not vintage!!  I checked them out on the web and they are a current company that was probably not even around in the 1940's!!   So...I will just keep this and add it to my desk!  It's really pretty, but I am disappointed that I didn't check it out a bit more before purchasing it.  Oh well.....thank goodness I only spent $10!! :)

That's all for now!!!!  More fresh picks next week!

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Happy Hunting!!!!! :)